Well a little cliche but hey…

This blog will mainly be about food and parenting.

I am not a great mother but I try my best and I will share my ideas and my thoughts with you, my audience.

Charlie turned two on Saturday.  Big shock we made it this far!  He is still reeling from all the sugar and presents.

We were married in 2008 and keen to start our little family. After years without success it was discovered that I was not ovulating more than once a year and chances of conception naturally were very slim.  Fast forward to 2013.  We are finally on the waiting list to see the best fertility specialist in the city.  Little celebration in the living room brought us a bit of a surprise 5 weeks later.  I was pregnant.

At this time in my life my OCD was in full swing and I was an exercising maniac.  Dedicating at least 2 hours a day to working out and running 5ks four times a week.  Given my current condition the doctor told me to cease all exercise.  I died inside a little.  Thankfully I was still working and managed to walk 12k steps a day. Pregnancy was a breeze.  Very little sickness and no pain or discomfort most women have.  I kept walking everyday till I was eventually induced 2 weeks overdue.  5 days of early labour, finally they could break the waters, 12 hours of heavy labour and I was still only 8cms, one hour later I was back to 6.  Fast forward through the epidural.  I was now in the OR and prepping for a C-Section.  But ouch!  That hurt!  so I was put under.  I woke up slowly.  No baby was with me.  Where was I?

This was not the way I wanted to meet my baby.  Poor husband was holding him while they wheeled my bed into my room.  He was screaming.  He was hungry.  My baby.

Another five days in hospital for recovery and I was finally home.

Having a newborn was horrible.  He was so sick all the time.  We had no idea what we were doing and no support system.  We both suffered from depression and struggled with everyday together and alone.  But we made it.  We found out at 4 months that the constant sickness and screaming over the last four months was actually not colic like the drs had claimed but in fact a minor allergy.  We switched him to goats milk formula and then he was an angel child!  This was the moment all those mothers were talking about!  The bonding began and we didn’t look back.

Charlie:  Sleeping

Mommy: Tired

Dinner: Curry puffs with Lentil dahl Lentil Curry Soup

EDIT:  While looking for a yummy dahl recipe I stumbled across lentil curry soup by my favorite internet chef Happy Herbivore.


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