Boredom and Outings

Charlie is in care on Tuesday and Wednesday.  when we took him out of daycare after our benefits were cut we decided on these days for two reasons.  Tues is music day and Wed is French.  It’s freaking adorable and he loves it.  So on these two days I get to catch up on sleep, errands and housework.


For the first time in I can’t remember how long I am not tired, so I didn’t have a nap.  I am now starting to regret this decision as it is now 2.30pm and the family dinner rush to bed will begin in three hours….


I actually managed to drag myself out of this boredom blugh state long enough to pay the rego and fill the car.


let’s not talk about this.   I am completely lacking motivation to do anything.  In fact I’m positive the only reason I was able to drag my ass out of the house to pay for rego was not that it expires in three days but that I promised myself a treat of barista coffee.


Maybe I can move the rug a little to hide the dirt.  Then maybe my husband won’t notice that I spent the whole day catching up on GoT and drinking barista made coffee.

On top of all this boredom I have a confession…I bought some chips at the barista.  They were so good.  This is why I’m fat.   Sigh.  Attempt three hundred and sixty two, I will become more motivated and work out tonight no matter how exhausted I am.  Lucky for me hubby texted saying he is feeling fat today and will be working out, motivation?  I wish I was able to do it alone….maybe one day.

Sad self pity rant over.

Charlie:  Care

Mommy: Bored

Dinner: Lime and Chilli noodles with steamed veg



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