Curry Puffs with Lentil Curry Soup

Well I have never been a fan of precise measuring and that is generally the secret to my fabulous cooking as I do everything by taste.  Keep that in mind when you read my dinners, these are not recipes they are creations of a crazy mum with no money and mad cooking skills, with that said it is best if you have a little knowledge of the basics so you aren’t lost.   🙂  Also I keep the skins on EVERYTHING.


The curry puffs were easy.  I used the leftover pie mix from veggie pies we had the night before.  This consisted of mashed potatoes with all the leftover veggies in my fridge; capsicum, carrots, corn, lentils, peas, chickpeas all mashed together with some garlic and s&p for flavour.  I simply added some curry powder, ginger, garlic and garam masala to the mix.

Once it tastes nice I placed small balls on square puff pastry sheets and folded them into triangles.  Mine were quite large so I cut them in half before serving.

The soup was a recipe from one of my favorite Internet chefs Happy Herbivore.  All of her recipes are low in fat, sugar and oil.  They all taste amazing and are easy to make!  I am a HUGE fan.

The soup turned out a little spicy (I recommend using non spicy curry powder).  I also used coconut milk as my non dairy milk.  Mine was a bit darker then the recipes but I also used three cans of lentils.  Toddler did not approve of the soup.  But I will not hold it against the soup.  This was his first soup you see and when you think about it it is easy to see how it would be off putting.  hehe.  The curry puffs however were a huge hit.  I made three fulls sheets worth (four per sheet, then cut in half….so shit tons) there was enough for everyone to have a few and then leftovers for a couple lunches.

2016-05-23 17.39.06.jpg


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