Lime and Chilli Noodles without the lime


Oops.  No limes.  But I had a pathetic amount of store bought lemon juice (which I hate) in the fridge.

This is the easiest dinner in the world.  Cook noodles of choice (we are a spaghetti family).

Sauce is:

Olive oil



Salt and Pepper

Once the oil is flavoured, turn off heat and add some nutritional yeast and your citrus juice, fresh is best!

I like to add Chickpeas (you will find out quickly I add chickpeas to everything, because I love them and why not?) and peas.

Steamed some broccoli and done.

easy peasy dinner.

Toddler refused to eat noodles so simply had broccoli for dinner.  At this point I’m just thrilled he ate something green, we will wrestle with proteins another day.

2016-05-24 17.42.24.jpg


2016-05-24 17.49.42.jpg



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