Angry Toddler, Sad Dad

When Daddy comes home from work he is initially greeted with delighted calling of Dadda Dadda.  Then when sir toddler sees him in his suit he bursts into tears and tries to melt into my leg.  It takes him a few minutes to calm down.  After this he is fine.  They play well and he hugs him etc as you would expect.

Last night, instead of running away, he bit him on the arm.  We immediately scolded him, as we have been working on biting for sometime and making a lot of progress.  Then he did something that left my Husband and I speechless.  He picked up the cat food bowl and walked over to my husband then tried to pour it on his head.  Very methodical and cruel.  Being upset and hitting or biting is one thing but being mean….this has never happened before.

I don’t know what to do.  Charlie is obviously trying to tell us he is upset about something, and while we try and figure that out my poor husband is suffering from the constant rejection.

Charlie: Care

Mommy: Tired

Dinner: Mexican Chilli with Rice


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