Mexican Chilli with Rice; strike that burrito bowls

The more you get to know me the more you will realise I change my mind a lot.  Especially halfway through cooking.   Yesterday when I hit the shops for ingredients I promptly forgot two key ingredients.  Paprika and tinned tomatoes.  I did however find some taco sauce in the back of my cupboard.  So i made the snap decision we were to have burrito bowls.


Rice, stock powder and corn.

You can cook the rice in the stock or sprinkle a little on top afterwards.  Sweat corn is best cause it cuts the spice


All the beans in the world + spice.  i like the four bean canned variety with chickpeas and lentils.  Mexican spices.   Now you can buy a 3 dollar packet from the store or you can simply add your own: paprika (if you remembered it), cumin, coriander (fresh is best), thyme, s&p, chilli, garlic.  That should taste pretty good, if not reach for the salsa.  couple tablespoon in there and boom spicy!  Yum!

Refried beans (yes more beans!)  I fricken LOVE refried beans.  Must be the American in me.

Easy Peasy Quac:

Avo + 1/4 onion + two tomatoes, little lemon juice for browning and s&p.

Dinner is done.  All up it is cheap and easy and everything is tinned so this is a great what the heck I have no food or money dinner!



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