Bad Luck Day

Yesterday was a bad luck day…

I had exactly enough milk to make two coffees, which is my morning requirement for sanity.  The first coffee I made was so beautiful, creamy and lovely.  And I spilt it.  All down the back of the couch.  So now not only do I only get one coffee (with the machine dregs) but I also have to clean the couch and wall and carpet.  This was how the entire day went yesterday.  So when Charles went down for his nap, I decided to skip lunch (also because the drive thru got my order wrong and gave me meat…) and have a nap.  When we awoke the day was so much better and we had a lot of fun playing.

Dinner was super simple (as we woke at 5!).

Olive oil on heat (not too much)

Throw in some chunked zucchini, when starting to brown throw in some steamed broccoli.  Add s&p and done.  Serve with leftover rice and corn mixture from the previous night.

Charlie ate half a head of broccoli it was so yummy!  i didn’t take a pic because we ate it so quick.  🙂

Today has been sooo much better.  We decided to finally go for a walk.

Charlie got a trike (with parent handle) for his birthday, and everyday we have had together it has been raining.  So today was the first day we took it outside.  We basically walked up and down the street a hundred times.  I’m counting this as my exercise for the day.

While we were walking I thought we would stop at the playground at the end of the street.  It had been a good year since we had been.  It was in a serious state of disrepair and Charlie was so bored with it.  It was basically two rusted swings and a ride on spring thing, which I think is meant to be a rooster but is so faded you can’t really tell anymore.

I’m on a mission now!  Fix the park!  New equipment, basic stuff, will cost a few thousand per piece.  We don’t need much.  I am sure if we ask the local area for funds and maybe start a fund me campaign we can raise enough to fix it up and make it appealing to kids of the neighborhood.  I sent a letter to my local council to ask them for more information.

Charlie: Napping

Mommy: On a Mission




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