End of Month Woes

We decided to switch our budgeting from weekly to monthly.

As the majority of you know the end of the month is still a couple days away.

This is why the last couple meals have been cheapish.  I had calculated down to the wire the dinners/lunches we were having.

Noodles for tonight dinner overcooked.  Turned to mush.  I was otherwise occupied and Husband got distracted, needless to say I was really upset and he was sad.

So dinner tonight, I had a protein shake, Rob had a beetroot and hummus sandwich, Charlie made out the best.  HE was most pleased with his vegemite sandwich, baked beans and broccoli.  I threw in some chocolate milk because I felt horrible.  He has never had chocolate milk before.  He was very surprised and drank it all.

I splurged and went to the store to buy some more flour and broccoli.  At least now we can have bread.

I hate feeling poor, especially when we aren’t poor.  We aren’t rich, far from it.  But we aren’t homeless.  I have always been so horrible at managing money and I just feel the fool for not managing the grocery budget this month.    I just feel like we are in this endless circle of just making it.  We will never have the things we want and never own our own home.  I’m generally an optimist but this time of the month….

Sigh.  I hope the rest of you are faring better.

Charlie: After pooping in the tub he is now asleep for the night.

Mommy: losing myself in Downton Abbey final season

Dinner: flavoured milk



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