A visit to the ER

While folding laundry at the dining room table today Charlie on his scooter wandered over to the stairs.  No sooner had the phrase please mind the stairs were out of my mouth then he disappeared from my view.

He fell down.  It was only 5 steps, but there was so much blood in his mouth and nose.  It was still bleeding after a few minutes so I took him to the ER.  As he didn’t have a concussion we were a low lvl case.  It was about 3 hours till we were seen.  After about 2 hours I was fairly convinced he was fine, when I asked the nurse if there was any real reason we should stay or anything to watch for as he seemed to be doing ok she said we were next in the queue.  So we decided to wait and be sure.

He is all fine, no broken bones, no obvious damage.  Just some scrapes and bruising.

All up we were there for 4 hours and I am so impressed by Charlie.  He was a champ.  It was the middle of his normal nap time, and we hadn’t eaten anything in awhile.  I grabbed a bottle on the way out of the house and he sipped on that.  He didn’t throw any tantrums, didn’t try to run away, nothing.  When he would be curiously exploring an area I felt he shouldn’t I called him back and he came.  I don’t know if it was the shock from the fall, being tired or just sensing that the ER was a serious place, but something made him super well behaved and I was grateful.  When we got home we had warm milk and a biscuit.  He was pretty stoked.

Hopefully this means he sleeps in tomorrow!


Charlie: Fast asleep

Mommy: Super tired

Dinner: leftover pancakes2016-05-30 15.38.54-2.jpg

Hospital Selfie


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