One Pot wonders your kids will love……rant

Apologies for the below.  I have been known to ramble when I am upset.  🙂

My facebook newsfeed is full of these disgusting dinner ideas.  As any normal mother I follow food blogs to get ideas for dinners sir toddler will actually eat.   So my day is filled with scrolling past these fat laden disgusting “meals”.  Now I know about fat laden meals and I even let Charlie eat maccas fries once in awhile.  But I would never let his dinner be so gross.

My biggest beef (no pun intended) is with Cheese.

There is this idea that cheese is healthy and part of a normal diet.  Well if cheese is healthy let’s put it on everything.  It’s ok right?  Ugh.

To play Devil’s advocate here is a non-vegan, non-green recommendation on cheese in your diet.

Basically everything in moderation.  Can we please stop smothering everything in cheese and salt and bacon, sharing it with the world with the tag “your kids will love it!”

I struggle everyday with a real food addiction.  I grew up in a household of “put cheese on it so the kids will eat it” world.  We had take away all the time, dinner was always spag bol with cheese and garlic bread, chicken and dumplings etc.  I blame this lifestyle for my own issues with food.  Food is my happy place.  As a result I worry constantly about the amount of junk food Charlie consumes and we try to limit the bad fats.  I don’t even like him having baked beans from a can, this is loaded with sugar and sodium.  I don’t want him to grow up like my husband and I did, in a fat soaked takeaway lifestyle.  BUT I do understand portion control and everyday habits vs once in a while treats.  We have swapped everyday bad foods for good foods.  Instead of eating peanut butter (which has added oil, salt and sugar!) we have organic nut butters, specifically almond.  No jam in our household!  I’m currently looking for alternatives to tomato sauce (would love recommendations!) as little toddler constantly asks for it.  And before the naysayers jump in with nutritional opinions on my  son’s health.  He is 2 and a very healthy 14.7kilos.  He was born in the 97th percentile and has been there every since.  Tall and skinny.  He very much has my husband’s figure.  My husband’s family hails from Scotland and as such these tall stocky men feature sexy broad shoulders and muscly legs.

I am not one of those who says don’t do that without offering alternatives though so fear not!  Put down the cheese and read below, there are sooo many good sources of calcium that are natural.   Don’t give into the dairy industry’s lies!  Eat your greens!

Here is a link on high calcium non-dairy foods.,,20845429,00.html

Broccoli is a big winner in our house.  Charlie will eat a whole head steamed.  When he was little to encourage his love I added a little pepper and garlic powder with nuttelex.  Then as he started to eat it more we omitted the nuttelex.  Now he will happily eat it plain.

Rant over.  Haha I feel better now I’ve had my say.



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