Cats and Naps

Today was such a fantastic day, well for everyone apart from poor Hubby who was stuck in meetings all day.

Charlie had an amazing day at school, it was French day today, and apparently he was singing and dancing with everyone.  And lining up his playdough in careful strips (lol, little ocd?)

I decided to lie down for a nap at 1030.  I often have a nap on Tuesday, use it to catch up.  Well I didn’t wake till 4pm!  I literally slept the whole day away, and I feel FANTASTIC.

After dinner we retired to my office to watch Bing on ABC Kids website which we do every night.  Tonight though Charlie wanted to play, anything to limit screen time is awesome.  So we played in the office and drew pictures.  Then while Daddy and CHarlie had a tickling match on the couch I cruised fb.  I found a funny cat video and played it.  OMG Charlie laughed so hard he fell over.  So we spent the next 20 minutes watching cat videos on youtube and laughing.  Even let him stay up till 8!

Now I am sitting here, enjoying a warm cup of milky tea and some fresh bread with nuttelex while I catch up with you fine folks and the last season of Archer.

Life doesn’t get much better than sleeping babies and fresh bread.

Start if the month tomorrow.  Grocery order was placed last night.  I can’t wait.

In celebration of the grocery budget being full again I will be making a naughty dinner.

Vegan Breakfast Bagels with Cheese. You will die they are so good.

Charlie: Somehow managing to break my heart even though he is asleep.  Lol, not asleep I just heard a squeal.

Mommy: Happy place

Dinner: Cheesy Bowties with broccoli


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