Scrambled Tofu Wraps

Well the store was out of bagels so we had wraps instead.  The great thing about breakfast sandwiches or wraps etc is that you can just make it your own.

Scrambled Tofu.

I like to make our tofu with Italian herbs and tomato. It doesn’t taste too herby but we really like it this way.

You will need

Italian Herbs
Garlic Powder
Nutritional Yeast
Can of Diced Tomatoes

Heat oil and add rough crumbled tofu. Just use your hands. You are going for the texture of scrambled eggs. I leave a few big chunks.

Once it is hot add herbs and garlic.

Add more oil if tofu seems dry, not too much though! You don’t want it oily.

Once you can smell the herbs, drain the can of tomatoes. You don’t want the juice it is all acid. Add the tomatoes and a couple tablespoons of noot yeast. Done. Mix and taste. Add s&p if you desire.

Our wraps were a little different. Hubby likes his with soy sausage, hashbrowns, cheese and tofu. I like mine pretty much just like his but I’m not a huge fan or sausage. And I like spicy salsa!

Some avo and spinach would be really good as well. The sky is the limit with these.

Super unhealthy though. This dinner is pretty much void of any nutritional value, so keep that in mind when you enjoy it. We pretty much only have this dinner once a month.

2016-06-01 18.09.56.jpg


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