Veggie Bake

Well!  This week has been all screwy.  We have had cereal one night and left overs another.  But we ate actual food last night so here it is…

Veggie bake is super easy, but not quick.  You need to bake it for about 40 minutes.

It is basically any veg you want/have lying around with batter and baked.

I used:

2 carrots grated

1 very large zucchini grated

a head of broccoli (of course)

chickpeas (I did warn you! )

can of mixed beans

Mix all the veggies together in your baking container.  Don’t forget to make it non-stick!

Then you make a basic batter.  Flour, baking powder, chickpea brine, milk and herbs of your choosing.  We used garlic, oregano, s&p, chilli, thyme.  I normally add paprika as well, but I ran out.  😦  you want a running consistency.  Pour this over the top.  Jossle the baking container till it is distributed.  Slice up some tomatoes and lay them on top.  This makes it look pretty (nothing else).  🙂

Bake till firm.  Enjoy.  Makes amazing leftovers!2016-06-03 17.28.04.jpg


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