Broken Keyboard, Hurt Foot & Sad Heart

My keyboard is broken.  The only spare one in the house is dying and only half the keys work half the time.  Sigh, so short and sweet till I get a new one.

Saturday flew by without a worry.  We spent most of the day inside because it has been stormy.  I got home just after 1am.

Sunday started with a bang and a mess.  In my tired state  grabbed the flour and failed to notice the 1 liter pyrex measuring cup.  It slid off the shelf onto my foot and smashed into a thousand shards.  So here I am with a dustpan sweeping up shards of glass while I bleed out everywhere.  I ended up calling Rob to come help and the pools of blood were getting out of control.  Probably should have gotten a stitch.  In the end, two towels and three bandaids later pancakes were made and we were all happily watching sunday morning cartoons.

Skip to today.  Rob left for work.  He will be back Friday night.  He travels every once in awhile for work.  We get through.  It is easier on daycare days.  Charlie gets bored at home with me all day.

And I’m done for the day.  It took me 45 minutes to type that.  I’m going to spend today playing minecraft and watching movies.


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