Pasta that will blow your mind

Cooking pasta golden rule:

Salt and don’t rinse!

The water should taste salty and don’t rinse!  You want it to be sticky and salty.

You Need:

Olive oil


Fresh Basil

Cherry Tomatoes (halved)

Put olive oil in a large pan on very low heat.  You will want enough to cover the bottom of the pan.  The oil is the sauce in this pasta recipe.

Add chilli.  Now please don’t use dried flakes!  I prefer the lightly dried stuff you can get at the supermarket in the chilled spices area.  It comes in a snap container or a small resealable bag depending on if you are a Woolies or Coles person.  You want to add about 2 tsps.   Or two chillis if you use fresh.  Now this is entirely based on my taste.  If you like spicy add more, this is a very mild toddler friendly version.

Now repeat after me…Fresh is best.  Splurge and buy some fresh basil, it is the only way with this recipe.  Pick off the leaves and squeeze them to gently bruise before you toss them into your oil.  You will want about 20 leaves.  Yes I know this seems a lot but the flavour will dissipate.  If you are cooking it and you really want you can pull a couple leaves out.  But try to trust me on this one.

Now you leave it for about ten minutes.  Stir it occasionally because you don’t want it to burn.

When the oil looks red from the chilli and the basil is all shriveled turn up the heat to medium and add the tomatoes, you want them to sizzle a little, no need to brown.  Give a generous sprinkle of salt.

When the skin starts peeling off the tomatoes cook another minute stirring gently, don’t let the tomatoes burst or break down.

Turn off heat and add the noodles.  Always add the noodles to the sauce pan, that way you get all the flavour.

The end result is divine.  The oil will only just cover the noodles so it isn’t too oily.  The chilli with have infused into the oil, the basil will give little surprise bursts of crunchy basil and the tomatoes are tiny little exploding bombs of sweetness.2016-06-11 16.50.07.jpg


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