Speech Worries and Answers, and pizza.

Who knew toddlers could be self-conscious?

As most of you know Charlie is 2 now, though what you don’t know is he only says about 20 words and is only just starting to babble.   So we took him to a drop in centre to see a Speech Therapist.

Turns out he isn’t talking because he is self-conscious about getting it wrong.  We were talking to him in complex sentences because he is intelligent and understands.  As a result he was not comfortable talking to us until he could match our speech.  So after a couple of days of “bird, black bird.  big black bird.  Oh loud black bird.  It’s a black bird, do you see the black bird” – gets annoying.  We are up to thirty words!  Yay!

Hopefully it won’t be long now.  He is starting to attempt small two-word sentences now.  Beyond happy.

Had pizza for dinner.  So yum.2016-06-18 17.25.27.jpg

Used a turkish style garlic flat bread for the base.  Topped with tomatoe and Daiya cheese.

Tonight I am going to attempt to make hamburger helper style noodles with our leftover Daiya!


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