Verbally Assaulted at the Playground

Dear Mother swearing at my son,

Yes he did try to bite your daughter.  Yes I will punish him and make him apologize.  It is NOT ok for you to yell at him and swear st him.

Today we went to the mall.  We go all the time.

I let Charlie play on the equipment, which he does all the time.  Now I was being super diligent because he had already had an altercation.  Another boy pushed him away from the toy he was playing with and he defended himself.  But this incident made him nervous and wary and I know he can bite when he feels threatened.  I am NOT trying to excuse his behaviour, I know biting is wrong, and I know I have a biter.  We have been having a lot of progress fixing this behaviour but everyone has a bad day and that is ok.  He is 2.

Well this little girl had accidentally cornered him near the slide.  As soon as he made his move I was up and on him.  This mother came screaming up.  And I mean screaming.  Everyone stopped and stared at us.  Then she started yelling at him, “why would you do that, what is wrong with you” then she yelled at me, right in my face.  I was so frightened.  I am so sure he would have physically attacked Charlie and I if she could.  She started yelling swear words at us and calling him horrible names.  I was trying so hard not to cry.  I grabbed Charlie and we started to leave.  All the other parents there said it was ok that he bit and not to feel bad.  Why didn’t you stand up for us?  The woman yelled after us till we rounded the corner.

I pretty much cried the whole way to the car.  Poor Charlie tried to tell me a story and laughed to cheer me up.   I’m still shaking and upset.  What a horrible day.


2 thoughts on “Verbally Assaulted at the Playground

  1. that’s so horrible.
    if i was you, i would be crying right there i know i’m not strong enough to handle these situations. I know she’s being over-protective but that doesn’t give her the right to swear in front of children.
    my younger sister has down syndrome and she sometimes gets aggressive while playing with other kids that children from the family sometimes gets scared from her. Alot of mothers tried to scold her for that but my mother always stand in their way, she knows no one can understand why is my sister like this because their children is normal compared to her.

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  2. Just wow… Not sure if I would see rex and have a go right back or do exactly the same as you.

    But a valid point was raised here – why, comforting onlookers, did you choose not to stand up for this poor mother? We’re all parents here! We all have kids who do things we don’t approve of and will tell them off for. Sure, remind the biter that we don’t hurt our friends and that biting is not nice, but we certainly don’t yell at another person’s child…

    I say this as someone who once was the onlooker. However this onlooker walked right up to the screamer and spoke to them as one might a 2yo…


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