Pinterest Mom Moment and Poop Explosions

This week has been up and down.  Sorry for the delay in posting I just couldn’t function the last couple days.

Sunday we were bored inside, it’s been drizzly winter weather here which means lots of time inside bored.  Enter pinterest Mom.  I am actually the most un handy (grammar nazis have fun there) person in the world.  But I had a lightbulb moment and it was soo much fun.   We took all the paint stripped down and sat in the bath.  Charlie and I painted the walls and each other, and we had a ball.  Clean up was so easy, I’m never painting any other way.

*photo on Hubby’s phone will upload later*

Monday and Tuesday passed without incident.  Que Wednesday, the day of the poop mess.

I have not been sleeping well at all.  My sleeping pills have run out and I have yet to get to the dr for a refill.  On top of this I’m pretty sure my OCD meds are no longer working which means I spend a lot of time thinking too much and can’t get to sleep, as well as having horrible anxiety dreams which wake me up.  As a result I was so tired on Wednesday that I didn’t hear Charlie playing in his room until almost 9!  He was happy in his room so I didn’t stress, but it was a school day and we were late, so I jumped up and got dressed.  Heading to his room he is starting to sound upset.  Open the door and Poop.  It looked like monkeys had a poop throwing party in his room.  He had taken his nappy off and pooped, then gotten it all over himself and tried to clean up himself.  The result was almost every surface and square inch of carpet had poop on it.

I hosed him off and basically covered him in hand sanitiser.  Got him dressed, redressed because now I had it on me too.  Closed the door and went to school.  It took me 1.5 hours to clean it all up.  Had a shower and went back to bed.

Today seems to be going much better.

On a speech note, he has started chattering all the time and everyday he says at least 2 new words and has started singing along!


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