Not So Rainbow Rainbow Tart

Well I went the market to load up on veggies to make a delicious and beautiful rainbow tart.  In case you have no idea what I am talking about here is a pic.

Well anyone with a toddler will tell you that you only get one stop.  And ours did not have shortcrust pastry…I was so sure I had puff in the freezer so I was confident.  Mistake number 1.  Well no worries I am an innovator.  I had a single wrap leftover, which is conveniently the same size as my tart tin.  I also got half way through thinly slicing the veggies when I realised it was going to take fing forever and Sir won’t sleep all day, so I normal sliced them and altered my plan.  I hope you enjoy it, we did!

Veggies: Pumpkin, yellow squash, zucchini, vine tomatoes, sweet potato, avocado (2-3).

Thinly slice all veggies including the avo.

Make my tomato hummus:

Then assemble.  Order is below.

Wrap/ Pastry if you’re more organised than me (shortcrust would be best)












Cover with foil and bake at 160 for 30 min.

Take off foil and bake for a further 10-15 min.  You want the tomato just brown.

Enjoy warm or cold.  We served with Gardein Fishless fish and masterfoods tartare sauce (yum!)  My tomato is a little over brown, my timer broke 😦  I also heavily recommend you follow this with ice cream of your choice.

2016-06-23 17.48.36.jpg


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