Conjunctivitis and Citizenship

Well we have conjunctivitis.  Must have happened on the poop day.   Yesterday Charlie’s eye was puffy, I assumed it was because he was up all night crying, then it starts weeping and pussing.  Damn.  Spent two hours at the drop in clinic waiting for the Dr. at about 715pm we hit the in-house pharmacy for some lollies thinking it might distract the tired toddler.  While there I was chatting with the pharmacist about the wait, turns out you don’t see a doctor for pink eye.  We waited two hours for nothing!  But my little man was so champ about it.

Starting to look better now that we have the drops.  Of course now we both have it as well because we spent the whole day wiping his eyes…

Tomorrow is my big citizenship test.  I am starting to be a little worried.  I don’t test very well.  Not sure what it is about the paper, pen and sterile enviroment but my brain shuts down.

Wish me luck!


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