Smashed Potatoes with Gravy

Tonight’s carbs are smashed potatoes.

First off sorry it has been so long.  Following the conjunctivitis I got two ear infections and have been barely functional.  As such we have been eating a lot of cereal and leftovers.  🙂

So back into it….

Smashed potatoes are super easy and so yummy.  Kids LOVE it.  Credit goes to my friend who gave me the idea!

Simply grab one potato per serving and one extra, prick them all with a fork (or the explode) and wrap them all in a cloth tea towel.  Microwave on high till tender.  I find 10 minutes is usually the magic number.  When removing the towel please be careful it will be VERY HOT and steamy.  Transfer them to a lightly greased cooking tray.  Then you simply “smash” them.  I use the back of a fork but a masher would do the trick.

Once smashed drizzle a little olive oil on top then salt, pepper, garlic powder and fresh chopped parsley.

Serve with steamed veg and gravy.

The secret to great Vegan gravy is the base.  Use whatever powder you want but use stock instead of water.  I use the water from the steamed/boiled veggies.  This gives the gravy a really nice flavour without too many extra herbs etc.2016-07-05 17.34.15.jpg


2 thoughts on “Smashed Potatoes with Gravy

  1. We had these last night – thank you! Dad didn’t think he would like the potatoes with the skins on but did – shhhhh we sprinkled a little cheese on them and popped them back in for just a few (I know not vegan of me) I won’t tell you what the main was LOL xo

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