Boring Blogger

Well I have been extememly busy busying myslef these last coupole weeks so I haven’t posted.  Sorry!  I feel like I am always apologising for no updates.    :/


Well we started walking, every day!  We walk to the town, to the parks in other neighborhoods, local shops etc.  We have been walking everywhere.  And then pokemon go was released so now walking is even more of an adventure.  So every morning after Dad leaves for work Charlie and I get dressed, pram up and head out.  We normally get home around lunch aka naptime.    I have always been intrigued by the idea of walking into town but I always worried about Charlie.  He is a master of jumping out of the pram and into the street, but much to my surprise he is a champ!  He has been sitting all buckled in and taling about everything he sees.  It is such a great opportunity to work on his speech, and my patience as evertime we see a drain I have to explain them over again 😛

It is also the end of the month and I blew my food budgt a little with that amazing cake, so dinners have been boring as well.   So I don’t even have a recipe blog to post!  😦   You will all just have to survive on two minute noodles till I have more money to spend on extravagent ingredients.   I am actually more upset about this because this week’s food theme is pizza and I was really looking forward to making pizzas.

Well it is bedtime and I am playing  Mom and Dad for the next few days so stretched a little thin and having lots of naps.   🙂 Phew.

Night all!


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