Boring Blogger

Well I have been extememly busy busying myslef these last coupole weeks so I haven’t posted.  Sorry!  I feel like I am always apologising for no updates.    :/


Well we started walking, every day!  We walk to the town, to the parks in other neighborhoods, local shops etc.  We have been walking everywhere.  And then pokemon go was released so now walking is even more of an adventure.  So every morning after Dad leaves for work Charlie and I get dressed, pram up and head out.  We normally get home around lunch aka naptime.    I have always been intrigued by the idea of walking into town but I always worried about Charlie.  He is a master of jumping out of the pram and into the street, but much to my surprise he is a champ!  He has been sitting all buckled in and taling about everything he sees.  It is such a great opportunity to work on his speech, and my patience as evertime we see a drain I have to explain them over again 😛

It is also the end of the month and I blew my food budgt a little with that amazing cake, so dinners have been boring as well.   So I don’t even have a recipe blog to post!  😦   You will all just have to survive on two minute noodles till I have more money to spend on extravagent ingredients.   I am actually more upset about this because this week’s food theme is pizza and I was really looking forward to making pizzas.

Well it is bedtime and I am playing  Mom and Dad for the next few days so stretched a little thin and having lots of naps.   🙂 Phew.

Night all!


Conjunctivitis and Citizenship

Well we have conjunctivitis.  Must have happened on the poop day.   Yesterday Charlie’s eye was puffy, I assumed it was because he was up all night crying, then it starts weeping and pussing.  Damn.  Spent two hours at the drop in clinic waiting for the Dr. at about 715pm we hit the in-house pharmacy for some lollies thinking it might distract the tired toddler.  While there I was chatting with the pharmacist about the wait, turns out you don’t see a doctor for pink eye.  We waited two hours for nothing!  But my little man was so champ about it.

Starting to look better now that we have the drops.  Of course now we both have it as well because we spent the whole day wiping his eyes…

Tomorrow is my big citizenship test.  I am starting to be a little worried.  I don’t test very well.  Not sure what it is about the paper, pen and sterile enviroment but my brain shuts down.

Wish me luck!

More Bath Paint Fun with Genius Boy

Charlie was bored so I popped him in the bath and he asked for paint.  I thought wtf.  Best idea ever!!

He made a really pretty picture and then started chattering about his letters and the sounds they make.  Then I asked him to draw me an A and he did!  I’m still in shock.  Then he drew and e and told me “e eee”     I’m so proud.

Big boy bed update:  Spent most of the night crying in the chair.  Cross your fingers tonight is better.  I’m so tired!

2016-06-26 09.30.42.jpg2016-06-26 09.27.11.jpg

Big Boy Bed

We took a side off the cot and used it day bed style for the last year.  Well it broke a couple night ago so we decided it was big boy bed time.

Went to IKEA let him try it out, let him help us build it.  He fussed a little at nap time but when he woke up he was in it, so win there.

Just decided to have a sneaky peak, he was curled up in the nursing chair.

Queue heart breaking.  I moved him back to his bed.  I hope he doesn’t hate it!  He looks so small.

Pinterest Mom Moment and Poop Explosions

This week has been up and down.  Sorry for the delay in posting I just couldn’t function the last couple days.

Sunday we were bored inside, it’s been drizzly winter weather here which means lots of time inside bored.  Enter pinterest Mom.  I am actually the most un handy (grammar nazis have fun there) person in the world.  But I had a lightbulb moment and it was soo much fun.   We took all the paint stripped down and sat in the bath.  Charlie and I painted the walls and each other, and we had a ball.  Clean up was so easy, I’m never painting any other way.

*photo on Hubby’s phone will upload later*

Monday and Tuesday passed without incident.  Que Wednesday, the day of the poop mess.

I have not been sleeping well at all.  My sleeping pills have run out and I have yet to get to the dr for a refill.  On top of this I’m pretty sure my OCD meds are no longer working which means I spend a lot of time thinking too much and can’t get to sleep, as well as having horrible anxiety dreams which wake me up.  As a result I was so tired on Wednesday that I didn’t hear Charlie playing in his room until almost 9!  He was happy in his room so I didn’t stress, but it was a school day and we were late, so I jumped up and got dressed.  Heading to his room he is starting to sound upset.  Open the door and Poop.  It looked like monkeys had a poop throwing party in his room.  He had taken his nappy off and pooped, then gotten it all over himself and tried to clean up himself.  The result was almost every surface and square inch of carpet had poop on it.

I hosed him off and basically covered him in hand sanitiser.  Got him dressed, redressed because now I had it on me too.  Closed the door and went to school.  It took me 1.5 hours to clean it all up.  Had a shower and went back to bed.

Today seems to be going much better.

On a speech note, he has started chattering all the time and everyday he says at least 2 new words and has started singing along!

Verbally Assaulted at the Playground

Dear Mother swearing at my son,

Yes he did try to bite your daughter.  Yes I will punish him and make him apologize.  It is NOT ok for you to yell at him and swear st him.

Today we went to the mall.  We go all the time.

I let Charlie play on the equipment, which he does all the time.  Now I was being super diligent because he had already had an altercation.  Another boy pushed him away from the toy he was playing with and he defended himself.  But this incident made him nervous and wary and I know he can bite when he feels threatened.  I am NOT trying to excuse his behaviour, I know biting is wrong, and I know I have a biter.  We have been having a lot of progress fixing this behaviour but everyone has a bad day and that is ok.  He is 2.

Well this little girl had accidentally cornered him near the slide.  As soon as he made his move I was up and on him.  This mother came screaming up.  And I mean screaming.  Everyone stopped and stared at us.  Then she started yelling at him, “why would you do that, what is wrong with you” then she yelled at me, right in my face.  I was so frightened.  I am so sure he would have physically attacked Charlie and I if she could.  She started yelling swear words at us and calling him horrible names.  I was trying so hard not to cry.  I grabbed Charlie and we started to leave.  All the other parents there said it was ok that he bit and not to feel bad.  Why didn’t you stand up for us?  The woman yelled after us till we rounded the corner.

I pretty much cried the whole way to the car.  Poor Charlie tried to tell me a story and laughed to cheer me up.   I’m still shaking and upset.  What a horrible day.

Speech Worries and Answers, and pizza.

Who knew toddlers could be self-conscious?

As most of you know Charlie is 2 now, though what you don’t know is he only says about 20 words and is only just starting to babble.   So we took him to a drop in centre to see a Speech Therapist.

Turns out he isn’t talking because he is self-conscious about getting it wrong.  We were talking to him in complex sentences because he is intelligent and understands.  As a result he was not comfortable talking to us until he could match our speech.  So after a couple of days of “bird, black bird.  big black bird.  Oh loud black bird.  It’s a black bird, do you see the black bird” – gets annoying.  We are up to thirty words!  Yay!

Hopefully it won’t be long now.  He is starting to attempt small two-word sentences now.  Beyond happy.

Had pizza for dinner.  So yum.2016-06-18 17.25.27.jpg

Used a turkish style garlic flat bread for the base.  Topped with tomatoe and Daiya cheese.

Tonight I am going to attempt to make hamburger helper style noodles with our leftover Daiya!